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News Title: ColorStars Group (CSTU) Annouces Street Light Project Award
News Category: Latest News
News Date: 2014/7/10
News Body: ColorStars Group (CSTU) Annouces Street Light Project Award Taipei Taiwan, and Kaohsiung Taiwan (PR Newswire) ColorStars Group (CSTU) together with its subsidiary Anteya Technologies were awarded a street lighting project in Taiwan. The project is to retrofit a 9 kilometers long with new LED street lighting system in the township of Yangmey of Taoyuang County. A total of 574 LED street lights will be installed and each street light is composed of 2 pieces of 120-Watt cobra head LED street lights and 2 pieces of 30-Watt reflective LED spot lights. The total value of the project is $45,172,600 New Taiwan Dollars or $1.5 million US Dollars. ColorStar scope of supply is about US$1.0 million. The project will be completed in the forth quarter of 2014. ' We are excited about the award of this LED street lighting project. The Taiwan government plans to install LED lights on over 40,000 kilometers long of roads in the next three years. This represents over US$6 billion business opportunities for the LED lighting sector. ColorStars and its subsidiaries are well positioned to participate many of these upcoming projects. We are glad to help Taiwan implement energy saving and green lighting with our state-of-art LED street lighting systems.' said Wer-Rur Chen, Chairman, President & CEO, ColorStars Group. ColorStars is the leading LED lighting solution provider. Founded in 2002, ColorStars is one of the very few LED lighting pioneers and has been endavoring to design and develop new LED lighting systems including LED packaging, LED drivers, controllers, and LED lamps and fixtures. Please visit for additional product and company information. Contact Woody Tower Corporate Communications +886-2-8667-6600
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